The oil-free Wing Compressor was at first engineered and manufactured as a compressor which is compact and lightweight, and features low vibration and low noise to meet the demand for a compressor for use on bulk cement trucks.

Thereafter, Hori Engineering has continued to conduct R&D activities, and at present has a record of over 20,000 units having been delivered to various industries, where they are highly evaluated for their superb operation.


The Wing Compressor operates on the rotor rocking mechanism, with the rotor as a moving element having low inertia, which allows operation at higher speeds, the characteristic swing type design providing an increased efficiency and a reduction in size. As compared to the conventional reciprocating type compressor, the Wing Compressor is approx. half in size and weight.

The Wing Compressor uses a self-lubricating seal bar (which is equivalent to the piston ring in the reciprocating type compressor) in the sliding portion, thus being of completely oil-free type. No oil drops from the crankcase can get in the cylinder, being prevented by the oil seals.

Because the Wing Compressor is of horizontal axis rotor rocking type, the vibration in the vertical direction that is applied to the installation surface is extremely low, as compared to that produced by the piston reciprocating type, and thus the foundation working needed is simpler than is by the piston reciprocating type.

As compared to the provision for shaft sealing of the conventional reciprocating type compressor, that of the Wing Compressor is simple, because, in the Wing Compressor, the rotation shaft is sealed. There- fore, the maintenance cost can be suppressed to a relatively low level.