Hypratek has been founded in April 2010 by a skilled and visionary team of Indian Profession. Hypratek is a truly Indian company which acquired further knowledge and support during its lifetime by establishing international partnership as investors and as technical co-operations.

Hypratek is one of the main player in India in hydraulic tipping system for the automotive market. Its production facilities are located exclusively in India. Its headquarter is in Bangalore, Karnataka, capital of precision hydraulic components, with a manufacturing unit of 11,000 sqm. and equipped with imported CNC turning machines, CNC Skiving & Roller burnishing machine, multi head centreless belt grinding machine and a unique In House Liquid Bath Nitriding & Oxidation Process Facility (LBNOP).

Hypratek is Certified ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 And IATF 16949:2016Loc .We take Health Safety & environmental very seriously; We comply to all norms of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board.

Our Highlights

Our Expertise

  • Hypratek is one of the main Manufacturers of the Fastest Tipping System on the global market.
  • we are expertise in Tipper Manufacturing system,Covering System and Bulker Compressor.

We are the Only One

  • To give Hard Chrome Plated as well as Nitrated Telescopic Cylinder for Tipping Application.
  • To give Anti Shock Valve on the Cylinder line.
  • Who to Do Skiving Roller Burnishing in our Cylinder Tubes.
  • To give Revolving Joint for Tipper Trailers.

Safety Planning and Design

  • Hypratek presents the state of the art Tipping Systems in terms of efficiency and safety.
  • Anti Shock Valve make the system Safe for operation.
  • In Revolving Joint make its Safe for handling the Tipper Trailers.